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Two years ago, I went to the San Diego Zoo for the first time and was so impressed by all the children enjoying the animals and the kid-focused displays and shows.

Children are the future decision-makers of our world, which is why it so important that they learn to appreciate and respect animals at a young age.

Some people vilify zoos, seeing any cage as bad no matter the size, but zoos play an important role for the planet.

They don’t just inspire us to love animals; they help protect them.

Today, 29 of the 34 animal species classified as extinct in the wild are still actively bred in zoos, and many zoos run or sponsor programs that reintroduce rescued or bred animals into the wild.

I would love to list every wildlife conservation effort supported by zoos, from tiny tree frogs to massive gorillas, but I’ll just offer this introduction to why I love zoos so much, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to visit your local zoo and get involved.

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