Two years ago, on June 12, we did something bold: We revived The Lily, the very first newspaper by and about women. The original Lily was launched in 1849 by Amelia Bloomer. In those days, the publication was novel and controversial. In 2017, our team of designers and editors decided that The Lily ought to exist again. This time, we had a two-fold mission: to empower women with news, and to elevate a diverse set of voices.

Since then, we’ve charted myriad accomplishments by women. We live-painted a mural mapping women’s historic wins in the 2018 midterms. We’ve shown what girlhood around the world looks like. We brought readers an abundance of comics by women. In return, readers have shared their own stories about fear, love and independence.

To commemorate The Lily’s second birthday and our first official Lily Day of Love, we don’t just want to look back to the past; we want to look forward. So we asked you: What will women do in the future?

For Lily Day of Love, we’re introducing our “Women will ______” campaign. We’ve included eight reader-generated answers below, in illustrations designed by women. They’re easily downloadable, and we’re asking fans to share them on Instagram (and tag @thelilynews), send them to friends, use them as screensavers, or create their own with our blank template.

As a celebration of two years of The Lily, we want to spread hope for the future. Women have so much more to say and to do, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Design by Mora Vieytes (@moravieytesillustration).

Design by Simi Mahtani (@simiautomatic); answer provided by Ellen (@ellenismymiddlename).

Design by Laurène Boglio (boglio_boglio); answer provided by Sammi (@sammiwamuel).

Design by Allyx Capek (@allyx_xyz); answer provided by Kat (@citrussweet).

Design by Jillian Blazek (@jillianblazek); answer provided by Taylor (@taylorcorrado).

Design by Ju Schnee (@ju_schnee); answer provided by Lily (@lily.francess).

Design by Dirty Bandits (@dirtybandits); answer provided by Michaela (@mmdambrosio).

Design by Laura Dillema; answer provided by Mercedes (@mercyomata).

Design by Ellen Porteus (@ellenporteus); answer provided by Jen (@the_mom_who_lifts_things).