Three months ago, Lily art director Amy Cavenaile had an idea. She wanted people walking around Washington, D.C., to see The Lily’s message in the wild.

And now you can. Go to Union Market at the corner of 4th Street and Neal Place NE, where we recently unveiled our mural for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. The theme?

“We’re getting louder.”

“The Lily aims to give women a voice, and with this mural, we are taking this mission out into the physical world,” said Amy King, editor in chief and creative director of The Lily. “We’re getting louder’ recognizes that women are continuing to use their voices and their words to advocate for equality. It celebrates the successes that have come from those women. For those who don’t feel comfortable speaking up, we hope this mural encourages them to start. We are all better off when we hear from more people.”

Annica Lydenberg of Dirty Bandits paints The Lily's mural at Union Market in Washington D.C.
Annica Lydenberg of Dirty Bandits paints The Lily's mural at Union Market in Washington D.C.

The mural was designed and painted by artist Annica Lydenberg of Dirty Bandits, with art direction by Cavenaile. It appears on a wall by the women-owned pop-up Brief Assembly. The mural is less than a block away from Union Market’s main structure, which houses 15 businesses run by women.

What are you getting loud about? Visit the mural and share your message by tagging @thelilynews on Instagram and using the hashtag #TheLilyIsLoud.

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