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When I was making this piece, I was switching from one medication to another. It was and still is an unpleasant few days full of uncertainty, random panic attacks and ill-advised Googling. It irritates me when people call antidepressants “happy pills” or infer that taking medication makes you weak, because starting on psychiatric medication is terrifying and full of unknowns. Instead, starting on medication is actually brave. It feels like playing an extremely unpredictable game with your own brain and the prize isn’t unnatural happiness but simply a feeling of normalcy.

All my life, I’ve been teased for using pads instead of tampons. But it’s more common than you think.

What’s more, some people with periods don’t have a choice

In the age of the Internet, everyone constructs an outward-facing identity. What does that mean for our inner, private lives?

As my book release looms, I’ve been reflecting on how we construct ourselves socially and privately