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The Lily elevates stories about women. Our annual gift guide is no different.

We are back this year to recommend 52 items from over 60 female makers. They come from seven countries and over 40 cities and towns. These aren’t items and companies you’ll see in other gift guides on the Internet, plus each business featured here is at least 50 percent women-owned.

You’ll find ideas like a personalized 3-D printed doorstop, a kombucha brewing kit, an essential oil blend made for menstrual cramps, stylish confetti earrings and hijabs specially designed for athletes.

Follow along on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we feature several women and the stories behind their businesses over the course of the holiday season.

All items have been tested and reviewed by members of Team Lily in our office and in our homes.

We can’t do this without you. Do you have recommendations for women-owned companies? Let us know here.

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Photography by Bill O’Leary for The Lily

Art direction by Rachel Orr

Cost: $76

Tired of “plastic, ugly, poorly made” systems for organizing records, graphic designer Kate Koeppel decided to create her own. This “Now Spinning” display is perfect for the record collector who also appreciates tidiness, minimal design and products made in the United States. Buy here.

Friday, Dec. 14 is the U.S. Ground order deadline in order to receive on or before Saturday, Dec. 22.

Cost: From $15

Incorporating at least one 3-D-printed object into our lives seems like a good idea in 2018. Keeping doors ajar is also, at times, necessary. We present you this 3-D-printed, customizable door stop for a gift that is both modern and practical. Buy here.

Cost: $51 and up

Meet your new best friend, Vicu: a crocheted alpaca born from the imagination of Olivia Arreguín at HolaVicu. Made in loops of thick, soft sheep wool — “to simulate an alpaca’s marshmallow fur” — you’ll be set with a snuggle buddy for life. Buy here.

Free shipping to the United States. Ready to ship in 3-5 days.

Cost: $59

We love to read at Team Lily. (Have you heard of our Instagram book club?) However, keeping all those books from falling off our shelves has proven difficult. Design Atelier Article easily solves this problem with stylish metal bookends. Browse through over 30 pages of styles and colors of just about anything you can think of, including this black cat. Buy here.

Free shipping to the United States from the Ukraine.

Cost: Similar, $45

Does everyone have a hard time picking out accent pillows? Thanks to Anitra of Reflektion Design, you can buy these covers and switch them out if you get bored. Each is made with Ankara fabric because of its “vibrancy, history and cultural significance dating back to the 17th century." Buy here.

Insert not included. Available in 16″x16″, 18″x18″ and 20″x20″

Cost: Starts at $5.38+ a letter

Here’s a customizable one. An idea: Spell out something weird or an inside joke. You have the opportunity to give someone the gift of eternal laughter. Pro tip: there’s a dip dye option if you want to add a bit of color. Buy here.

Cost: $14

People I’ve Loved makes products so nice, we’ve featured them twice. (We featured their cards last year.) Carissa Potter, the brains behind this witty brand makes everything from socks to cards to this must-have door hanger. Whether you live with a partner or roommates, this door hanger subtly signals when you need that alone time (but that you still love them). Buy here.

Cost: $24 each

Some people are holiday-scented candle people. And others are decidedly not holiday-scented candle people. For the former group of humans, Janice Ray’s seasonal scents do an excellent job at bringing good tidings and joy to your nose and heart. Buy here.

Cost: $28

When it was founded in 1978, the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles was the first permanent supportive housing provider for women in the United States. Proceeds from Made by DWC’s products go to the nonprofit, which aims to end homelessness for women. All their products are made by women who have benefited from the organization, in collaboration with community artists. Buy here.

Cost: $4 for 2 oz., $8.50 for 10 oz.

The founder of Happy Girl Granola was unhappy with the granola options out there. She took happiness into her own hands and brought this giftable granola into the world. The Lovely Lavender Chocolate Chip is a good flavor to start with — just add yogurt. Buy here.

Cost: $6.99 for 2.75 oz.

The founder of Fusion Jerky, KaiYen Mai, realized there was a hole in the jerky market when she was “faced with sub-par flavors and the textures of protein-rich bars while scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro.” Her family has been making jerky for generations, which becomes evident at first bite. Buy here.

Cost: $10 each jar

Team Lily devoured all four of these cheese spreads, with a clear preference for the “Better Cheddar Spread.” At $10 a jar, grab a couple for your friend who never gets tired of cheese. Buy here.

Cost: $15 for a 3.5 oz. jar

Diaspora’s turmeric is “is grown from organically farmed, heirloom seeds, licensed by the Indian Institute of Spice Research.” Sana, the founder, says she is committed to creating a supply chain that focuses on sustainability, community building, direct trade and a high quality product. Subscription plans are an option. Buy here.

Cost: $38

Who doesn’t like food? This magazine celebrates women in the industry with a beautiful biannual magazine. Buy a year’s subscription for a friend or subscribe to the “Welcome to the Bombsquad” bundle, which includes their hardbound cookbook. Buy here.

Cost: $49

The Kombucha Shop was founded by Kate Field because she couldn’t find a quality home-brewing kit. With her background in the culinary arts and nutrition, Field knew she could create a kit focused on high-quality ingredients. It comes with all the brewing essentials including the hard-to-acquire scoby. Buy here.

Cost: $5 and up

Chocolate always makes a great gift. Unique, delicious flavors never hurt. Offerings include ghost pepper, Twix, and coffee and cream flavors. Buy here.

Cost: $16 for 12 oz. jar

A snack “The Office’s” Finer Things Club might enjoy. This nut butter is elevated with honey, dried lavender, vanilla and sea salt. Ground Up, the company behind this fancy spread, provides “job training to women overcoming adversity in the Portland area.” Buy here.

Cost: $78 for variety four-pack

Ginger beer is a fresh soda made of mostly ginger and lemons. Add in sparkling water, sugar, fruit purees and you have Rachel’s Ginger Beer. This variety pack comes with four, 32 oz. growlers. You can choose from 12 flavors. Buy here.

Note: A four-pack is the minimum order if you want to ship across the country.

Cost: $9 for 7.5 oz. jar, $4.75 for 3 oz. jar

This versatile seasoning salt was first made by a woman named Peg in the 1970s. Her daughter finally got her to write down the recipe — it involves more than 20 common spices such as parsley, garlic and pepper. Thanks to Peg’s daughter, those of us who aren’t Peg’s family and friends can enjoy how the salt enhances food. Buy here.

Cost: $4.50 per bar

You might think you don’t need another recommendation for chocolate, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Not only are these delicious, but the packaging is pretty. Check out their holiday-themed flavors like hot buttered rum and candy cane. Buy here.

Cost: $36

If you’re anything like Team Lily, you enjoy a good dip. Imagine sitting down with six tubs of unique hummus flavors. It’s delightful. Buy here.

Cost: Starts at $14

Into cheese? Think you’re into DIY projects? A DIY cheesemaking kit is perfect for you. Urban Cheesecraft offers a variety of homemade cheese kits, including dairy-free, vegan and paleo kits. The instructions are simple and in an hour you can be eating homemade mozzarella and ricotta. Buy here.

Cost: $21 for lunch pack

Say goodbye to foil and plastic wrap and hello to these reusable beeswax, cotton food covers. Use them for up to a year to cover dishes and wrap sandwiches or half-eaten avocados. Just warm them up with your hands, shape and press to create the seal. After using, give the wrap a quick wash in cool water. Buy here.

Cost: $46 for 8 oz. bottle

A great product is even better when it has great packaging. This oil can be dripped into a bath or applied to damp skin after a shower. It’s calming. It feels luxurious. It’s organic. It’s nice for you. It’s nice for your babies. It’s just nice. Buy here.

Cost: $28 for .25oz.

Do you suffer from menstrual cramps like some of us on Team Lily? This oil blend from Lola contains 17 essential oils to help “improve blood flow and relieve premenstrual tension.” Buy here.

Free standard shipping on every order. Available as a subscription.

Cost: $39.99

Do you have a friend who enjoys recycling? Have they been a using a reusable straw long before it became popular? Has this friend yet to discover the magic of a menstrual cup? We like the many color options available from Lunette. A gift that keeps on giving. And taking. Buy here.

Cost: $5

Everyone loves a good bath bomb. Owner Trisha Lozano has more than just donut-shaped bombs. For the crabby bath lovers in your life, try The Grinch. Buy here.

Free shipping in United States

Cost: Premade boxes start at $34 or you can build your own.

Are you a terrible gift-giver? Well, you’ve already taken the right step by reading The Lily’s gift guide. But for those of you who really struggle, there’s also BoxFox: holiday-ready gift boxes that do all the work for you. While you’re able to customize the boxes, Boxfox curates all the products — so there’s practically no room for failure. Choose from premade sets such as “Sweets for All” and “Fireside,” which includes all the essentials for a cozy night in. Buy here.

Cost: $35

Have you been to Marfa, Tex.? If you have, you may have wandered into Ginger Griffice’s charming soap shop. The in-real-life experience is special — you move from soap to soap, inhale, turn to your friend to say “This one smells so good,” and then make the difficult decision of which scent to take home. Buy here.

Individual bars start at $12.

Cost: $25

Crazy news day? We get it. That’s why we have the ESYM scent pod, which fits conveniently in purses or pockets and acts as portable aromatherapy. Use it as a diffuser — in calming scents such as Tenkawa Passage, Parisian Morning and Curacao Breeze — to take the edge off at your desk. Or, use it as a fragrance to freshen up after a long day at the office. Buy here.

Cost: $48

Skin-care brand Primally Pure has a “less is more” attitude. Allow yourself to indulge with this spa kit that comes in three scents: Lemongrass, Blue Sage and Tansy. The kit includes a dry brush, one 2 oz. body oil, one 6 oz. sea soak, one 6 oz. flower bath and an organic bag to store it all in. Buy here.

Cost: Starts at $18.99

Curious about all-natural skin care products but don’t know where to start? Goddess Garden was started by a husband-wife duo who have a background in nutritional science and herbalism. Their products start at around $19, but you can purchase combos for under $35. Give it a try. Buy here.

Cost: $95

Berber is out. Wood floors are in. Cement floors are catching on. This means the floors in your home are likely cold, and you could benefit from a pair of slippers. Glerups are stylish. They are cozy. And they were thought up by owners whose “vision is to manufacture the best shoes of felt in the world.” Buy here.

Cost: $36

This chunky necklace from Hey Moon Designs will make anyone look astronomically cool. Named after the largest of Pluto’s five moons, the Charon necklace is made from white, gray and black clay, and hangs on a leather string — in other words, it’s the perfect mix of unique and versatile. Buy here.

Cost: $48

Melody Ehsani made it possible to adorn our ears with the name of our publication. You could also opt to dangle “The Lily” from your head, but perhaps your name or the year you born would be more applicable. For example: “EST” for the left ear and “1986” for the right ear (or whatever year you were born). Note: Each earring can only accommodate up to four characters. Buy here.

Cost: $29

Getting socks as gifts might have once been a bore, but no longer. Enter the Goodpair socks gift box, which includes three pairs with funky, colorful designs. These socks are the best of all worlds. They’re high quality and comfortable, but they’ll also impress your most fashionable friends. Buy here.

Cost: $52+

At The Lily, we’re interested in visual design that goes beyond the typical. We appreciate Anethum owner Whitney Harris’s vision for her jewelry line, full of surprising pieces like the Dot with Sunburst Jacket pictured here. Buy here.

Cost: $65

This cuff represents us “as one human family.” Fun fact: Mimosa Handcrafted uses the art of lost-wax casting, which is a technique dating back 6,000 years. Check out the behind-the-scenes of how a cuff is made here. Buy here.

Cost: Similar, $28

R.Riveter is named for Rosie the Riveter and was founded after two military spouses wanted to challenge the status quo and find a way to “enable spouses to earn mobile, flexible income.” R.Riveter also offers numerous bags, like their signature collection, that are handcrafted in homes across the country. “From the liners and leather, to support tags and canvas, each piece of an R.Riveter handbag starts in the home of a military family.” Buy here.

Cost: $38

You might not be on gift-giving terms with Meghan Markle, but if you were, she would likely approve of this present. From Oeuf, this knit crown for babies and kids is fit for royalty. Buy here.

Cost: Similar, Starting at $28

The Jones Market believes you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. Insert their teething necklaces, where you can look stylish and help your baby stay distracted while they are teething. Buy here.

Cost: $48

A party for your lobes. The item description page says it better than we can: “Every individual fragment of sparkle and shine is manually selected to be used in the hand pouring of each piece.” Buy here.

Cost: $44

With this Surface Handmade barrette, hair suddenly becomes a work of art. Jacqueline Davis, the designer behind the jewelry collection, says her pieces are “definitely bold” but also “whimsical and lighthearted.” We’re on board with that. Buy here.

Cost: $15

Now you can add a thoughtful message, inside joke or empowering statement on a keychain so your friend can think of you every time they open their door. Buy here.

Cost: $95

A stylish bike helmet from a woman-owned brand? Sign us up. Gloria Hwang started Thousand three years ago, allowing us to now buy helmets that protect our skull while looking cool. Buy here.

Cost: $89

The company says its mission is “celebrating the fight in every woman” and, of course, to provide quality gear. The Bia gloves support women’s hands with more a shallow and narrow design than traditional boxing gloves. Fun fact: Society Nine’s name is a nod to Title IX. Buy here.

Cost: Starts at $25

The curated box is dedicated to sharing the best endurance nutrition and gear. Items you might find in a box include electrolyte mixes, hydration gels and running gum. What makes it even cooler? The company was founded by Staci Dietzel, who completed her goal of running a marathon on all seven continents. It also offers a TriBox and a CycleBox. Buy here.

Cost: $4

If you have yet to buy into the airpod trend, you will understand our pain as we struggle to untangle our headphones every time we dig a pair out of our bag. Enter: Hammerthreads leather cord keepers. Simple, practical and made with care. Buy here.

Cost: $35

Asiya, pronounced (AH-see-ah) was founded by Fatimah Hussein, who has been helping young Muslim girls gain access to sports and physical activity for the past decade in Minneapolis. Not only did she found G.I.R.L.S. (Girls Initiative in Recreation and Leisurely Sports), a nonprofit program that creates a “girls-only” gym time several nights a week, she also created Asiya, so women who wear hijab “can stay modest in comfort, as you workout or play hard.” Buy here.

Cost: $14

Who doesn’t need a pair of miniature crane scissors? Moorea Seal donates seven percent of all proceeds to nonprofits in five different categories: women’s causes, children’s needs, environmental issues, animal causes and health-related needs. Buy here.

Cost: $13

These charming fish come from Pylones, a brand out of Paris that’s been around for over 30 years. You can store whatever you’d like in the little fish bellies, but pills are a good place to start. It almost makes having a headache fun. Buy here.

Cost: $9

Denim jackets are in. Pins are in. And now, so are patches. Stay Home Club is a “lifestyle brand for people who have no life.” Well, having no life never looked so good. Pro tip: They also have a range of patch sizes to choose from. Buy here.

Free U.S. shipping on orders over $150.

Cost: $19+

This is really a gift for laptops, tablets and cellphones. Your products will get to spend downtime encased in a luxurious, thick, protective felt — in one of 10 beautiful colors. Makers Byrd & Belle believe in simple, yet functional designs with quality construction. Buy here.

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