About Lily Lit Club

Lily Lit Club, launched in September, is our Instagram-only book club for the curious minded. Each month, we feature a new pick from a woman author on @lilylitclub. We started this book club to connect our followers on Instagram to each other and to The Lily each month in a new way. Lily Lit Club is a community dedicated to reading that is accessible and open to anyone, anywhere, all the time.

With our book picks, we aim to highlight a range of fiction novels and voices. Lily Lit Club is a place where readers can come to discover the books they aren’t hearing about elsewhere.

How it works

We announce the book pick at the end of each month and break down the month into week-long initiatives:

Week 1: Book week

We share photos of the book “in the wild” submitted by readers, encourage followers to pick up their copy and share whether they plan to read the book as well as share reviews from well-known authors and book critics.

Week 2: #LilyLitLines week

We share our favorite lines from the book and encourage followers to do the same by submitting a photo of a quote that has resonated with them by direct-messaging us or sharing via Instagram Story.

Week 3: Discussion week

We use discussion questions from the author to spark a discussion over Instagram Stories and in comment sections.

Week 4: Review week

We ask readers to submit their personal reviews of the book using hashtags like #15SecondReview and #5WordReview.

Throughout the month

Each month, we interview, photograph and work with the author of the book to provide additional angles, material and “behind-the-scenes” offerings to our followers. For example, authors record one-minute reading for us to share on our Instagram and send signed copies of the book.

Throughout the month, we offer giveaways to our participating followers that contain Lily Lit Club swag, including pins, keychains, shirts and copies of the month’s book pick.

We also share general book news and content. Examples include the announcement that Margaret Atwood is writing a sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” book quotes by famous authors and book-related conversation starters, like “What is your favorite library memory?”

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Comment below with your favorite library memory.

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Utilizing Instagram features

We use a series of features that Instagram offers to ensure that interaction on the platform remains organic and natural to followers. This includes the Q&A, multiple choice and polling features in Instagram Story, which also allows readers to swipe up to direct message us their responses, comments and thoughts.

In Instagram posts, we use the swipe feature extensively throughout the month. A recent example is using eight slides to offer a synopsis of each of short stories in our December pick, “Useful Phrases for Immigrants.”

Book picks so far

(The Lily)
(The Lily)

September: “The Poet X,” by Elizabeth Acevedo

October: “Ordinary People,” by Diana Evans

November: “Ponti,” by Sharlene Teo

December: “Useful Phrases for Immigrants” by May-Lee Chai


“You guys always pick the best books!”

“So happy I found this book group! Excited to read December’s selection!”

“Count me in! Looking forward to reading this book with everyone.”

“This is one of my favorite things to happen lately. Thank you!”

“I’m 2 for 2 so far and I have not been disappointed! Thank you @lilylitclub!”

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