The Lily was the first U.S. newspaper for and by women, created in 1849. In 2017, we brought it back. With a striking, recognizable aesthetic and smart, relatable writing, the modern-day Lily aims to inform, entertain and delight, all while elevating women’s voices.

Lily Lines, our twice-weekly newsletter, is one crucial tool we use to reach readers. Our Monday newsletter is a roundup of need-to-know news from the previous week, while our Thursday edition takes an in-depth look at one topic.

Women contain multitudes. Our newsletters reflect that. From research on female desire to survival tips for sexist workplaces, The Lily shines a light on multiple aspects of women’s lives.

View the Lily Lines archive here and see some of our favorite issues below.

1. Angry? This one’s for you.

Inspired by a recent book, “Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger,” this newsletter explored the ways women’s rage can spark legal, cultural and political change.

2. Lorena Bobbitt is back in the news. Here’s why.

In February, the Lily gathered a group of women, ranging in age from 19 to 49, to watch and discuss two episodes of “Lorena,” a four-part Amazon docuseries that re-examined the case of Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt. A transcript of that discussion served as the basis for this newsletter.

3. 8 stories from you. 8 visions of love.

This past Valentine’s Day, The Lily highlighted versions of love that rarely reach the spotlight. In this newsletter, we featured reader-submitted love stories that go beyond boy meets girl.

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