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If you didn’t know who Michelle Wolf is, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner likely changed that. She unleashed enough controversy and pearl clutching to draw comparisons to Stephen Colbert’s infamous WHCD showdown. The late-night comedian later voiced his support of her act on his own show.

So what’s next for the comedian who’s not afraid of Sarah Huckabee Sanders? A weekly Netflix show, of course. “The Break with Michelle Wolf” will premiere May 27 with new episodes premiering every Sunday.

The show sounds like a grab bag of fun goodies. The show’s press release hints at “sketches, guests and jokes Michelle could only get away with on Netflix,” but the format is still a bit of a surprise. Perhaps it’s a riff on the format of “Inside Amy Schumer,” or a new take on late night comedy that incorporates SNL-style sketches.

We can get a sense of some of these aspects in the trailer, but it’s not a full picture just yet. A lot can fit into a half-hour format that doesn’t rely on commercials.

Once a writer for “The Daily Show” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Wolf has a solid grounding in what makes people laugh, even when the topic is serious. Her show promises that “nobody’s safe,” a sentiment many saw play out during the comedian’s roast of President Trump’s White House. “Her weekly show will take a break from the seriousness of today’s late night comedy,” says the trailer’s description.

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