A generation changed

A package from the editors of The Lily examining the effects of the pandemic on women and nonbinary people

Mansplainers at work? Here’s how to deal when you go back to the office.

For most women, mansplaining has long been a backdrop of navigating the world

‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime.

The episode renewed calls to #CiteBlackWomen, many of whom have been leading research on AI bias

Hitting reset: 5 ways the pandemic could benefit working moms in the long term

Corporate America has a chance to rethink how it operates

Women are slowly regaining the jobs they lost. But many of their career paths may change for good.

Women’s workforce participation has a long way to go to reach economic recovery

Abortion doulas help people navigate the process. They say their work was more crucial than ever in the pandemic.

They say their job shifted to help abortion-seekers navigate ever-changing laws

Many single moms face a little-known tax penalty. It could cut them off from the full $3,600 child tax credit.

A new bill aims to restructure the tax code so that marital status isn’t a factor

Some child-care workers at Google live up to 50 miles away. The company is calling them back with no transportation plans.

Google announced that its child-care centers would be reopening at the end of May

We caught up with 2 women who lost work during the pandemic. Here’s where they are now.

April’s disappointing jobs report was particularly dismal for women

For these nurses in India’s largest cities, ‘every day feels like war’

Amid its covid-19 crisis, the country is contending with a dire shortage of health-care workers