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I’m saying goodbye to Amsterdam. Here are the 7 places I’ll miss.

I moved to Amsterdam to follow love; what I found there were pieces of myself I had lost

I’m saying goodbye to Seoul. Here are the 7 places I’ll miss.

This dazzling city of contrasts became home sweet home

A new book captures stories of sexual violence, harassment and survival, in comic form. Here’s a glimpse inside.

In ‘Drawing Power,’ a forthcoming collection of comics, more than 60 artists share their accounts

I’m saying goodbye to Charlotte, N.C. Here are the 7 places I’ll miss.

Charlotte will forever be the place where I started my life and spent a very defining part of it

I pride myself on being an airport pro. Here are a few of my go-to travel habits.

I enjoy the act of traveling — that in-between state

Listen, the only people who enjoy looking at vacation photos are the people who took them

I’ve never seen one I didn’t ‘like’ resentfully and out of spite

‘Bizarre and serendipitous’: 3 stories from solo travel

Traveling alone as a woman isn’t easy — but often, it’s worth it

I’m saying goodbye to Bogotá, Colombia. Here are the 7 places I’ll miss.

After spending 11 months in the city, I’m not quite ready to go — but it has shown me what it means to find something like home

I’m saying goodbye to Milwaukee. Here are the 7 places I’ll miss.

Having spent my whole life here, the excitement of the future is coupled with the melancholy of leaving behind the familiar

This man allegedly raped a girl on a cruise ship. Here’s why authorities in Spain were forced to release him.

The alleged assault would have occurred in international waters, making the path to prosecution ‘vague’