the work day

What a construction supervisor in Virginia does in a workday

Safety walks, listening to 2000s hits and painting park benches

What an artist and gallery owner in Louisiana does in a workday

Painting time, cat cleanup and journaling

What a returning student in Texas does in a workday

“Mom mode," final exam studying and baked pasta for dinner

What a National Park coordinator does in a workday

A moose statue, lunchtime horoscopes and Ranger Talk

What a communications executive in D.C. does in a workday

A morning meditation, client chats and an in-person happy hour

What a restaurant server in Arkansas does in a workday

Favorite customers, lots of cleaning and $197 in cash

What Peloton VP and instructor Robin Arzón does in a workday

Breastfeeding, hair and makeup, and an Aretha Franklin-themed class

What public health expert Leana Wen does in a workday

This is the first installment of The Work Day, a series that pulls back the curtain on women’s working lives