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the work day

What an interventional radiologist does in a workday

A kyphoplasty, a working lunch and a thankful patient

What a family mediator and lawyer does in a workday

A crazy morning, a lunch of chicken pie and collards, and lots of emails

What a senior construction foreman does in a workday

A 5 a.m. wakeup, safety meetings and directing dump trucks

What a video game ‘world builder’ does in a workday

A pitch meeting, gaming time and a walking treadmill

What a middle school principal abroad does in a workday

Overnight oatmeal, helping a student and a walk on the beach

What a sommelier in New York City does in a workday

A long commute, ad hoc projects and a glass of wine

What a chief executive for a health-tech company does in a workday

‘Cloud’ time, one-on-ones and a third shift

What a start-up founder and student does in a workday

Pitch competition applications, merienda time and homework

What a therapist does in a workday

Virtual sessions, treatment plans and a nightly wind-down

What a software engineer does in a workday

A standup meeting, long-form podcasts and lots of coding