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sex traffic

Women were looking for modeling gigs on Craigslist. Then they were pulled into an alleged sex trafficking scheme.

The recent criminal case could signal a shift for online pornography, experts say

New footage shows Prince Andrew leaving Epstein’s New York residence in 2010. Buckingham Palace weighed in.

Buckingham Palace doesn’t usually comment on scandalous accusations, but has repeatedly come to the prince’s defense

‘There’s a ticking clock’: Adult victims of child sex abuse in N.Y. have one year to sue. That might not be enough time.

Alleged victims say they must now grapple with a choice they never thought they’d have to make

What to know about the new sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein

Prosecutors said the alleged crimes, including the abuse of dozens of female minors, occurred between 2002 and 2005

One year ago, a bill targeting online sex trafficking took effect. Sex workers say the consequences have been devastating.

Some say ‘FOSTA-SESTA’ is, at best, a major inconvenience; at worst, a death sentence

Why laws intended to protect women from sex trafficking nearly always do them harm

Historically, they are rooted in racial panic and seek to solve the wrong problem

Robert Kraft is in the news. But the conversation should be about how to help victims of trafficking.

If nothing else, law enforcement should never arrest the person who was directly selling sex