Bahamas hurricane survivors are kicked off ferry over U.S. visa demands

On Sunday evening, more than 100 refugees were forced to disembark from a boat headed to Florida

New FDA data linked a rare cancer to textured breast implants. Allergan has announced a worldwide recall.

The vast majority of the cases involved products from the Dublin-based company

To enhance safety and promote a female workforce, New Delhi is making public transportation free for women. Will it work?

The city is known as one of the worst in the world for women

DOJ lawyer defends herself over viral video about providing migrants with soap, toothbrushes

‘I respect that in perceiving my argument as many people did it struck a nerve. Maybe many nerves,’ Sarah Fabian wrote

She turned down a man’s advances at a family gathering. Then he shot her baby in the head, police say.

The baby, Fayth, is reportedly in critical but stable condition

Even without soap, toothbrushes or sleep, conditions for detained migrant children can be ‘safe and sanitary,’ government argues

The position bewildered a panel of three judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Tuesday

Someday, we’ll live in a world where women aren’t targets. Until then, I’ll keep asking my girlfriends to text me when they get home.

Women have to be constantly vigilant in a way that men don’t

When they rolled into Rwanda, the Throttle Queens drew stares. These female motorcyclists are on a mission.

Founded in 2017, this African biker club is set on empowering women and encouraging them to ride

Melania Trump celebrates the first anniversary of Be Best

She announced plans to expand the program to a broader online safety platform for children

FDA announces it won’t ban breast implants linked to cancer for now

Agency says it will increase efforts to gather and disseminate evidence about the devices