Easter bombings in Sri Lanka kill 290

The government blames local Islamist extremist group

Every Easter, my grandmother’s rose blooms. As it comes back to life, I think about the hands of those who have tended it.

The flower has passed from generation to generation, from Chicago to Southern California to San Francisco

The Catholic Church’s treatment of women hasn’t evolved much since the Middle Ages. But here’s what’s different today.

The church has been particularly antagonistic toward female detractors who have spoken out about clerical sex abuse

Claims of ‘sexual immorality’ have been used to diminish or discredit female religious figures for ages. Here’s how — and why.

Ahead of Easter, it’s important to reconsider what you think you know about Mary Magdalene and other women

I watched as Notre Dame burned. I mourn, but I know Paris will always endure.

The city has been through worse, and it will surmount Monday’s blaze

There are two different types of hijabs. They’re not created equal.

The democratic hijab is a choice, the tyrannical hijab is forced

A man reportedly called Rep. Ilhan Omar’s office and threatened to kill her. He has been arrested and charged.

Omar has been the subject of Islamophobic smears since taking office

For years, more than 100 women were raped in their remote religious community — but no one believed them

‘Women Talking,’ a new novel, is fictional, but it’s based on actual crimes that took place only a decade ago

She took her children and fled a ‘Jewish Taliban’ sect. Members of the group relentlessly tracked them down.

Formed in Israel in the late 1980s, the Lev Tahor sits on the extreme edge of the Jewish tradition

In dramatic policy reversal, children of LGBT parents can now be blessed or baptized in Mormon Church

The initial 2015 decision to exclude LGBT families from the core rituals was met with fierce criticism across the church