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The unexpected life of a millennial nun

Armed with degrees and work experience, these women are going against the grain of their generation

I was the first woman to publicly accuse gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. But I was also abused in my own church.

Each time an abuser was found or a scandal uncovered, the response was the same

He founded a conversion therapy center to turn LGBTQ Christians straight. Now he rejects the ‘cycle of self shame.’

McKrae Game said he realizes the harm he has caused and that he, himself, is gay

This sheriff’s deputy refused to work alone with a woman. Now the case is going to court.

The Billy Graham Rule has been scrutinized in recent years

Marianne Williamson and President Trump couldn’t seem more different — but their belief systems are strikingly similar

For both, religion is all about themselves

Trump appears to attack ‘The Squad’ on behalf of the Jewish people. But to Jews, the discussion is much more complicated.

Many condemned Trump, saying he is using Jews as a political football to score points

Ilhan Omar is quintessentially American

For Trump’s racist base, Omar is a target. But she represents American values far better than the president.

Another ‘straight pride’ parade is in the works, this time in California. Organizers are calling it pro-‘Western Civilization.’

Last month, Boston approved the permit application and route of an August straight pride parade

Southern Baptists are taking action on sexual abuse. But some question whether it’s enough.

This year’s annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention tackled the widespread allegations of clergy sexual abuse

The battle of bra-baring waitresses and ultrareligious protesters explains Israel’s central tension. Here’s how.

Netanyahu’s political crisis is due to the fight between secular and ultra-Orthodox Jews