Researchers have identified risk factors for postpartum depression, one of the most common complications of childbirth

The longitudinal study included 507 women diagnosed with postpartum depression

Your pregnancy-tracking app might be sharing your intimate data with your employer

Employers and insurers pay apps like Ovia to keep tabs on the vast and valuable data

We have to make care work gender equal. That starts with pregnancy.

A new article titled ‘Unsexing Pregnancy’ is startingly common-sensical

Lily Lines: What does it mean to ‘unsex’ pregnancy?

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At a California women’s hospital, hidden cameras filmed patients during childbirth and miscarriage procedures, a lawsuit says

More than 80 women claim in the lawsuit that they were filmed without their knowledge or consent

Nine nurses who work in a Maine hospital’s labor and delivery unit are all pregnant

They are expecting children within a four-month range this spring and summer

Notes from a miscarriage

My job as a columnist is to write about gender, but I never viewed my work so personally — not until the day after the bleeding began

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New findings suggest excessive sleep during pregnancy could be related to stillbirths

A researcher warned against pregnant women deliberately waking themselves up during the night until scientists know more

The FDA approves the first drug specifically for postpartum depression

The new medication must be taken intravenously over 60 hours