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A federal judge just blocked Missouri’s strict 8-week abortion ban — a day before it was set to take effect

The law would ban abortions before many women know they are pregnant, with no exceptions for rape or incest

Planned Parenthood says it will exit federal family planning program over abortion ‘gag’ rule. Here’s how that will affect women.

The result of the agency’s withdrawal — unless the court should rule against the administration before Aug. 19 — will vary greatly by state

Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood, has been forced out

She held the position for just eight months

Missouri could become the first state without an abortion clinic — starting Friday

Planned Parenthood officials said they are suing the state to allow their clinic in St. Louis to continue offering abortions

I wanted to provide abortions for my patients. My medical school wouldn’t teach me how.

Where I grew up, in the River Valley of western Arkansas, nobody said the word ‘abortion’ out loud