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LAFD was embroiled in allegations of harassment. Now it’s poised to get its first female fire chief.

Kristin Crowley was just nominated to the post

After a professor’s sexist remarks went viral, a student raised more than $100,000 for a women’s scholarship

The Boise State professor suggested that male students should be prioritized for STEM, medicine and law

Michelle Go was pushed to her death on the NYC subway. For many, it highlights failures in public safety for women.

Public spaces, particularly public transit, have long been fraught for women of color and nonbinary people

In a memo about body image, a middle school offered shapewear for girls. This mom spoke out.

Ashley Heun hopes the incident offers an opportunity to have what she considers a much-needed conversation about body image

U.S. quarters will feature 5 new women. What happened to other plans to change currency?

News of the program, which makes Maya Angelou the first Black woman to be featured on a quarter-dollar, was met with both cheers and criticism

Women are 32% more likely to die post-op if their surgeon is a man, study finds

The new study found that women had much better outcomes with female surgeons

Women hold two-thirds of student debt. These activists say they’ll strike if Biden doesn’t cancel it.

These women say debtors’ willingness to take drastic action is a sign of their desperation

A hospital reported two new moms for testing positive for drugs. They had eaten poppy seeds, a lawsuit says.

The cases highlight larger problems with nonconsensual drug screening for pregnant people, the patients’ advocates say

Self-managed abortion could be the future — but it’s very hard to talk about

Especially in conservative states, advocates can’t talk openly about abortion methods that exist outside of the formal health-care system