A groundbreaking Connecticut law would give a $3,200 bond to every child born into poverty

It would be the first state to grant children of low-income parents individual trusts paid for by the state, which children can access once they turn 18

A generation changed

A package from the editors of The Lily examining the effects of the pandemic on women and nonbinary people

‘60 Minutes’ ran an episode about algorithm bias. Only White experts were given airtime.

The episode renewed calls to #CiteBlackWomen, many of whom have been leading research on AI bias

Minnesota will be the first state to stop separating incarcerated moms and newborns

As it stands now, after two or three days in the hospital, the baby goes on to a new caregiver

An 11-year-old trans girl was barred from her school’s cross-country team. She’s suing.

A recent West Virginia law prohibits transgender girls from competing on public school sports teams

For these women, Naomi Osaka’s mental health stand hit close to home: ‘It’s like taking your power back’

The tennis star’s decision resonated because it touched on broader concerns around mental health and work, many said

Last year was brutal for mental health. For LGBTQ youth, it was a crisis.

Isolation and culture war politics made it especially difficult for LGBTQ young people, according to therapists

About one-third of Americans know someone who is transgender. Here’s how that could affect policy.

Personal connections could shift support for trans rights in the future, according to a Gallup analysis

The rush to help India: How these women are mobilizing coronavirus aid from afar

300,000 new confirmed covid-19 cases were reported in India for the sixth day in a row Tuesday

After Ma’Khia Bryant’s shooting, women of color wrestle with how to protect their kids: ‘We’re in a state of emergency’

Mothers of Black children around the country say Bryant’s death highlights the relentless nature of systemic racism