mental health

What’s it like to start on psychiatric medication? For me, it was akin to playing this board game.

It’s a game of trial and error

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‘I move into fight, flight and freeze’

It ‘has been creeping up on me almost daily’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘Some people assume that anxiety doesn’t exist in teenagers and that we are overreacting’

‘Long bouts of insomnia, constant agitation, appetite dysregulation’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘I wish people who don’t suffer from anxiety knew how all-encompassing, deeply debilitating and disturbing anxiety can be’

‘We are so much stronger than we may realize’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘Those of us who suffer anxiety wake up every day and leave our homes while our bodies betray us and our minds scream at us to go back’

‘My hands have been shaking since middle school’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘Freshman year, when I was at band camp, I had to leave early because I was so uncomfortable without my mom at my side’

I was more depressed than I’d ever been during pregnancy. But no one believed me.

Why did I have to beg for care?

‘I’m always asking myself, did I mess up?’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘I am always in fear of an anxiety attack, or worse, a panic attack’

There’s a constant voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough. Here’s how I’m trying to overcome it.

My therapist calls this ‘black-and-white thinking’ and says it isn’t productive