Scarlett Johansson came under fire for comments about political correctness. It isn’t the first time she’s been the center of controversy.

Johansson later said the comments were ‘edited for clickbait’ and ‘widely taken out of context’

Barstool Sports writer fired for making fun of a missing college student who was found dead

Shortly after the article was published, police announced charges against a man in her death

This app had the ability to digitally ‘undress’ women. After backlash, its creator has pulled the plug.

Artificial intelligence creating ‘deepfake’ images has been harnessed to make a torrent of fake porn

After Arizona reporters were critical of Stephanie Grisham, the new White House press secretary, she yanked their access

In Arizona, she remains well-liked by the press, though the relationship could be contentious at times

Day-care centers notify you every time your baby eats, sleeps and poops. That’s making it harder for moms to go back to work.

New apps create a ‘digital tether’ between working parents and their kids

I was stalked for a decade. Opening up about it to a true crime podcast helped me heal in ways I never expected.

I finally have a voice to speak from a place of power, not victimhood

Essence magazine is giving Kamala Harris a column, but the magazine says it’s not an endorsement

The column will publish online in the middle of every month

In Britain, you’ll no longer see ads perpetuating gender stereotypes or spreading derogatory messages about body image

Ads showing a man who can’t change a diaper or a woman who can’t park a car, for example, will be banned

Sarah Sanders — with her distinctive curled-lip disdain — was the Queen of Gaslighting

She misled reporters or tried to, and through them, misled the American people