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The patriarchy isn’t just harming women — it’s killing men

Gender equality isn’t just good for women. It also saves men’s lives.

Lara Spencer ‘did great harm’: How male dancers are responding to the ABC host’s comments about Prince George dancing

Spencer apologized for the ridiculing comments, but the damage is done

We’re giving our baby my wife’s last name. Here’s why.

The question of surname took center-stage for us in a way it doesn’t for many parents-to-be

It’s the Fourth of July. Why is the grill surrounded by men?

The explanation lies in the maleness of meat

I’m a millennial feminist dad. When my wife wanted to go back to work after having our baby, I was surprised by my reaction.

Despite my best efforts, the patriarchy seeped in

Male students created a list ranking their female classmates based on looks. In response, the girls led a schoolwide reckoning.

Students are planning a day where pairs of seniors — one girl and one boy — will talk to younger peers about toxic masculinity

Trump just lost the shutdown fight to a woman. Here’s why that could matter to his base.

Trump sold himself as a manly man and master negotiator

Trump defended the Covington students. That’s no surprise, given America’s culture war over manhood.

Trump’s response was reminiscent of how conservatives rallied around Brett Kavanaugh

Gillette’s new ad invokes the #MeToo movement but only focuses on men. Here’s why that’s a problem.

When we discuss toxic masculinity, we must also acknowledge the women who reinforce it

In the age of #MeToo, Gillette is challenging stereotypical ideals of masculinity. Its new ad is already provoking backlash.

Their new campaign’s mantra is ‘The Best Men Can Be’