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The ‘very intimate, very intense’ world of Angie Kim’s ‘Miracle Creek’

The debut novel by Kim is Lily Lit Club’s September pick

15 captivating portraits of the women behind books you love

The authors of ‘The Baby-sitters Club,’ ‘The Incendiaries’ and other books gathered at the National Book Festival

Our Lily Lit Club pick defies traditional storytelling. Here’s how.

‘Laura Dean Keeps Breaking up with Me,’ written by Mariko Tamaki and illustrated by Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, marries two forms of storytelling

Women are supposed to love motherhood. In ‘Patsy,’ Nicole Dennis-Benn explores what happens when they don’t.

In this new summer read, a woman leaves her 6-year-old daughter with a father she hardly knows

A school shooting, the AIDS crisis and an elusive talk show host: In this book, there’s more than meets the eye

‘The Spectators,’ by Jennifer duBois, is June’s Lily Lit Club pick

Mesha Maren’s debut novel dissects what rebuilding a life after prison looks like

‘Sugar Run’ is this month’s Lily Lit Club pick

‘Those Who Knew’ by Idra Novey addresses the ‘patriarchal messages we have been marinating in’

‘Those Who Knew’ is January’s Lily Lit Club pick

May-lee Chai’s collection of short stories is an ‘act of resistance’ for the Trump age

‘Useful Phrases for Immigrants’ is December’s Lily Lit Club pick

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