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Lily Lines: This leads to almost half of the murders of women

Plus, a live birth that was the first of its kind

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Plus, the wage gap may be worse than you think

Lily Lines: The age most women get abortions in the United States

Plus, why thousands protested sexist violence

Lily Lines: The queen’s message for Meghan Markle’s home state

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Lily Lines: She was trapped by flames in California. Here’s what she told her husband.

Plus, Michelle Obama opens up about her struggle with infertility

Girlhood. Horror films. Nostalgia. Sharlene Teo’s ‘Ponti’ taps into it all.

An interview with author Sharlene Teo about November’s Lily Lit Club pick

Lily Lines: Oprah’s message for Americans who aren’t voting

Plus, how Simone Biles made gymnastics history

Lily Lines: She was the oldest of the 11 Pittsburgh victims. Her name was Rose.

Plus, the TV remake to watch on Halloween

10 fears more terrifying than monsters

Ahead of Halloween, we asked what scares you. Here’s what 10 women said.

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