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The title ‘Ms.’ ignited controversy in the ’70s, but it caught on. The pronoun ‘they’ will, too.

‘Language changes’

When Ellen came out, I saw how cruel the world is to lesbians like me. Her Golden Globes award shows how far we’ve come.

The message that her downfall sent to kids like me, who were just coming out as gay, was stark and devastating

Our favorite comics of the year tackled mental health, menstruation and everything in between

A look back at the pieces that resonated with our readers

Harry Potter is an escape for many trans and queer people. J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans comments are shattering.

Harry Potter is an outcast who eventually finds a community and love

Miss Universe’s first openly gay contestant just became a ‘feminist icon’ for these young women

Swe Zin Htet hails from Myanmar, where homosexual conduct is criminalized. She came out just days before Sunday’s competition.

Is ‘The L Word’ reboot worth watching? Yes, and the new Generation Q characters are why.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’ premieres on Showtime on Dec. 8

A 71-hour wait for a historic case: Talking with the people who camped out to hear the Supreme Court debate LGBTQ rights

Activists on opposing sides of the issue sat and slept next to each other — and dealt with sprinklers that went off at 4 a.m.

‘Am I going to be next?’: Dallas activists react to the latest attack in a string of violence against transgender women of color

After two high-profile murders of black trans women in Dallas this summer, another transgender woman was shot last week

Barbie is just a toy, but a gender-neutral doll could mean a safer future

Mattel’s evolution from gender reinforcer to gender inclusion is a hopeful sign

During her Emmy acceptance speech, Patricia Arquette advocated for trans rights. Here’s why.

Arquette’s sister, Alexis, was a transgender actress and advocate who died in 2016