Sylvia Hatchell, UNC women’s basketball coach, resigns after being accused of berating players and making racial remarks

She fostered a culture in which injured players reportedly felt pressured to rush back to competition

More than half of Colorado’s state representatives are women. They’re proof that female representation matters.

Only once before has any legislature in the country experienced a female majority in even one of its chambers

The Afghan government has been excluded from peace talks. That hasn’t stopped its first lady from getting involved.

First lady Rula Ghani is pushing for women’s involvement in the peace process between the U.S. and the Taliban

As Al Gore nears the end of his quest to save the Earth, Nina Barrett is just getting started

The 24-year-old left Gore’s climate leadership training feeling blessed, ecstatic and charged by a movement that needed her immediately

Joe Biden may not have meant to hurt women. That shouldn’t matter.

Men have to do better than not meaning to hurt people. They have to not hurt people, period.

Theresa May shouldn’t be pitied. She’s part of the problem.

She is the worst prime minister in living memory, presiding over a crisis of her own creation.

Carol Miller is the only new Republican woman in Congress. Her campaign mantra was Donald Trump.

To West Virginia’s ‘Miss Manners,’ the president ‘says what he means’

Her ‘performance has been extraordinary’: Jacinda Ardern lauded for her response to New Zealand mosque attacks

The prime minister’s leadership has been called ‘swift’ and ‘strong’ following the tragedy

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