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Women are 32% more likely to die post-op if their surgeon is a man, study finds

The new study found that women had much better outcomes with female surgeons

Pelvic exams can be ‘traumatic.’ Here’s how women and experts suggest lessening anxiety.

For many sexual trauma survivors, pelvic exams can feel intrusive and be triggering or re-traumatizing

Sober curious? Here’s how to take a pause from drinking.

Experts say a reset from alcohol is good for your mind and body

The government’s first study on coronavirus vaccines and periods found ‘no meaningful change’ in menstrual cycle length

In August, the NIH put more than $1.6 million into research on the topic

Experts’ tips for how Black women can advocate for their own health

Here’s what medical experts say Black women can do to take back some power in the doctor’s office

People with disabilities face much higher risks during pregnancy. Researchers are only beginning to understand how.

A new study fills in gaps about the health risks pregnant women with disabilities face

A hospital reported two new moms for testing positive for drugs. They had eaten poppy seeds, a lawsuit says.

The cases highlight larger problems with nonconsensual drug screening for pregnant people, the patients’ advocates say

Self-managed abortion could be the future — but it’s very hard to talk about

Especially in conservative states, advocates can’t talk openly about abortion methods that exist outside of the formal health-care system

Many students in Puerto Rico suffer from menstrual injustice. Here’s how activists want to help.

Issues often fly under the radar, activists say, because there is little data on period poverty on the island

How would you change your OB/GYN visits? This tweet got 3,000 responses.

A doctor asked patients to weigh in on how they would ‘design/optimize a visit to the gynecologist’s office’