Messages about women and wine are everywhere. So we decided to learn more from the experts.

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The explanation lies in the maleness of meat

Molly O’Neill, award-winning food writer and accomplished chef, dies at 66

She earned three James Beard Awards, including one for her job as host of the PBS series ‘Great Food’

Eating disorders among middle-aged women are a health crisis. But they’re often missed.

‘Neither of her husbands knew, her children didn’t know, her doctors didn’t have a clue’

Maida Heatter, prolific cookbook author and ‘Queen of Cake,’ dies at 102

She won the admiration of home bakers and famous chefs alike

Lillian Li wanted to tell a story of immigrants. She turned to a world she knows well: Chinese restaurants.

In ‘Number One Chinese Restaurant,’ Li writes about a fictional Maryland restaurant called Beijing Duck House

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Chef Leah Chase, whose restaurant redefined New Orleans cooking and provided a haven for civil rights activist, dies at 96

Luminaries and politicians have dined at Dooky Chase’s, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama

Judith Jones didn’t just bring us Julia Child — she helped define modern American food culture

The legendary Knopf editor published authors — many women and people of color — whose books translated foreign cuisines for an American audience

Women following a lower-fat diet had a decreased risk of dying of breast cancer, researchers found

In a randomized trial, women who ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains were at lower risk than those following a normal diet