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Sick of seeing sidelined heroines, these playwrights are rewriting classics like ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Dracula’ to reinvent the female characters

The first thing to go? Wendy’s warped maternal streak.

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A very Lily Thanksgiving Day parade

What Simone de Beauvoir told me over scotch

In ‘Parisian Lives,’ biographer Deirdre Bair details why Beauvoir wanted to be remembered for more than her feminism

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In ‘This is Your Brain on Birth Control,’ Sarah Hill lays out what we know about hormonal birth control — and what we don’t

Geena Davis made children’s TV more feminist. Here’s how.

She has been commissioning research on the representation of women and girls on screen and sharing results with decision-makers and content creators

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We go back to the dinosaurs, and look ahead to a big win coming in 3020

It has taken me years to acknowledge the shame I feel around body image. Progress is slow, but it adds up.

I spent most of my life ignoring and minimizing how I felt about my eczema

Some say Argentina is in the midst of a feminist revolution. Activists are gaining ground in the fight to legalize abortion.

Last year, an abortion legalization bill nearly passed Congress. Tuesday, a new bill is being introduced.

Lily Lines: One of the world’s ‘least feminist’ countries may surprise you

Plus, a female sprinter becomes India’s first openly gay athlete

It’s time for male presidential candidates to lean out

The really radical thing for a male candidate to do in 2020 would be to step down and step away