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These models thought they were too unconventional for mainstream fashion. Until this agency signed them.

Models for We Speak represent diversity in gender, ethnicity, height, shape, culture, age and aesthetic

‘It’s about reclaiming parts of who we are’: The fashion week that brings Indigenous heritage to the runway

‘We need everyone in the world to know that we’re still here’

‘We are so much stronger than we may realize’: This is how I experience anxiety

‘Those of us who suffer anxiety wake up every day and leave our homes while our bodies betray us and our minds scream at us to go back’

These girls weren’t allowed to play lacrosse a decade ago. Now they inspire a reservation.

The sport empowers girls at a time when indigenous women across the country are facing an epidemic of violence

When they rolled into Rwanda, the Throttle Queens drew stares. These female motorcyclists are on a mission.

Founded in 2017, this African biker club is set on empowering women and encouraging them to ride

‘Game of Thrones’ is full of heroines. But is the series actually feminist?

From Arya to Daenerys, Brienne to Sansa, there are many strong women on display, but does the show truly endorse different versions of female power? Two women discuss.

Congress’s top staffers wield the power on Capitol Hill. Here’s why the vast majority are male.

The uniquely personal bond between members and their staffers makes it hard for primary caregivers to compete

Nancy Drew: How the fictional character inspired girls who went on to make history

Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Gayle King are all fans of the teen detective

In Maryland, these four mothers lead the country’s first all-female state National Guard command staff

With Maj. Gen. Linda L. Singh at the helm, these leaders have been tested in ways many of their male counterparts haven’t

Male students created a list ranking their female classmates based on looks. In response, the girls led a schoolwide reckoning.

Students are planning a day where pairs of seniors — one girl and one boy — will talk to younger peers about toxic masculinity