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domestic violence

In court cases involving domestic violence, text messages can be key — to winning or losing

A recent case study sheds light on the complicated relationship between digital communication and intimate partner violence

She prayed for God to protect her mother from her father. Her prayers went unanswered.

An excerpt from ‘Blood,’ a forthcoming memoir by Allison Moorer

Princess Haya’s custody battle with Dubai’s ruler highlights previous allegations of cruelty

Two of Maktoum’s daughters from another wife have attempted to flee the kingdom

Moms who allege child abuse are much more likely to lose custody, study finds

‘You’re just in a trap, and it’s a gendered trap’

In male-dominated Afghanistan, many women feel they’ve been treated unfairly by the judicial system

Court decisions here reflect cultural norms as well as the law, and most judges and prosecutors are men

When her estranged husband was released on bail, she took his guns, fearing for her life. Then, she was arrested.

Taylor Irby spent six days and five nights in jail before she was released late last week

She was held captive by her abusive stepfather for 19 years. A grocery store conversation changed everything.

Henri Michelle Piette was charged last week and potentially faces life in prison

In Afghanistan, women and democracy have made gains. But a recent murder and brawl indicate that progress is tenuous.

A woman was killed on a Kabul street and a a chaotic brawl broke out in parliament

A GOP lawmaker in Mississippi is accused of assaulting his wife. Officials are discussing his resignation.

Rep. Douglas McLeod was taken into police custody Saturday evening and charged with a domestic violence-related misdemeanor

Jacquelyn Smith’s family staged her brutal killing, police say

Smith’s family claimed a panhandler stabbed her to death when she was reaching for money