Following death of Emmy-winning reporter Cokie Roberts, female journalists mourn ‘complete, irreplaceable loss’

Roberts died on Tuesday at 75, according to ABC News

Jessi Combs, the ‘fastest woman on four wheels,’ dies in crash

The 39-year-old was killed Tuesday while attempting to break a land-speed record in Oregon’s Alvord Desert

Cindy McCain: On the first anniversary of my husband’s passing, I ask Americans to join together across whatever divides us

My husband, John McCain, would want the country to commemorate his passing by appreciating the values of service to this country and the statesmanship he tried to practice

A mother died shielding her infant in El Paso. Her husband died guarding them both, family says.

The newlyweds were among 21 victims killed in Saturday’s mass shooting

Two Chicago mothers fighting to end gun violence were shot and killed

Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire, killed Friday, were part of the organization Mothers Against Senseless Killings

Her husband was killed in a mass shooting. Now she’s finishing his life’s work.

Sportswriter John McNamara never had the chance to finish his last book. Andrea Chamblee did it for him.

She was a popular teen on Instagram. Gruesome photos of her dead body have spread across the Web.

Prosecutors charged Brandon Clark on Monday night with second-degree murder in Bianca Devins’s death

Baton Rouge activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph found dead in trunk of car, police say

Her death has been ruled a homicide

Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to commit suicide. Now she’s asking the Supreme Court to call it free speech.

The petition argues she should be shielded from criminal responsibility because her involvement was limited to ‘words alone’

Barstool Sports writer fired for making fun of a missing college student who was found dead

Shortly after the article was published, police announced charges against a man in her death