Jeffrey Epstein is denied bail and will remain jailed until sex trafficking trial

The announcement follows a hearing Monday in which two of Epstein’s alleged victims spoke out

She was a popular teen on Instagram. Gruesome photos of her dead body have spread across the Web.

Prosecutors charged Brandon Clark on Monday night with second-degree murder in Bianca Devins’s death

Two women confront Jeffrey Epstein at his bail hearing

A U.S. District Judge said he would decide Thursday whether Epstein should remain locked up

Baton Rouge activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph found dead in trunk of car, police say

Her death has been ruled a homicide

What the Jeffrey Epstein case says about American society

Our era is one of exploding and all but unpunished crime by the wealthy and connected

R. Kelly arrested in Chicago on new federal sex-crime charges, including child pornography

Kelly is expected to be arraigned in federal court in Chicago on Friday

A 15-year-old migrant teen said she was sexually assaulted by a Border Patrol agent. The complaint is under investigation.

The latest allegations come as overcrowded detention facilities face mounting scrutiny

Michelle Carter told her boyfriend to commit suicide. Now she’s asking the Supreme Court to call it free speech.

The petition argues she should be shielded from criminal responsibility because her involvement was limited to ‘words alone’

What to know about the new sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein

Prosecutors said the alleged crimes, including the abuse of dozens of female minors, occurred between 2002 and 2005

Barstool Sports writer fired for making fun of a missing college student who was found dead

Shortly after the article was published, police announced charges against a man in her death