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birth control

Lily Lines: The 12 states where you can get birth control with your groceries

Plus, how menopause could contribute to women’s risk of Alzheimer’s

These states let you pick up birth control with your groceries. Why aren’t people doing it?

No one used to get their flu shot at the pharmacy — but now that’s normal. The same might happen with birth control.

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TikTok is a wildly popular app among teenage girls. Here’s how one 15-year-old’s birth control video went viral.

Ava Bass wasn’t expecting the video of her pill case to garner more than 2 million views — but its success encapsulates much about Generation Z

‘Shrill’ points out that the morning-after pill is less effective for heavier women. The show doesn’t mention that there’s another option.

I work in public health. I wish more women knew about Ella.

How far are we from more options for male birth control?

The challenge has been both biological and sociological

The Trump administration’s rule rolling back birth-control coverage was set to take effect Monday. A judge just struck it down.

It would’ve allowed some employers to opt out of the no-cost mandate on moral or religious grounds

The number of U.S. abortions hits its lowest point since Roe v. Wade

Researchers have cited improved contraceptive access as a reason for the decline

Amid legal battles, the Trump administration issues rules allowing some employers to deny birth control

The rules are supposed to take effect in roughly two months