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Lily Lines: Why more women are going gray

Plus, the biggest moments from the Grammys

This ad does something ‘rare’ — it shows a woman proposing to a man

The ad drummed up buzz after airing during the Grammys

The award show I’d actually watch would be 1,000 times better than the Oscars. Baby Yoda would be in the front row.

No Bad Men would win awards, and whenever one was so much as alluded to, Tom Hanks would be there to soften the blow

When Ellen came out, I saw how cruel the world is to lesbians like me. Her Golden Globes award shows how far we’ve come.

The message that her downfall sent to kids like me, who were just coming out as gay, was stark and devastating

On the eve of Harvey Weinstein’s trial, the Golden Globes had a chance to support #MeToo. Instead, Ricky Gervais was the host.

The audience was subjected to a reckless monologue by the British comedian

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During her Emmy acceptance speech, Patricia Arquette advocated for trans rights. Here’s why.

Arquette’s sister, Alexis, was a transgender actress and advocate who died in 2016

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