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My dog is old and could die any day. Here’s why I’ll never get another.

When Stella goes I will grieve, just as I grieved the death of the dog before

Think cats are standoffish or unpleasant? This one proves you wrong.

Cats get a bad rap, but in reality, they’re as behaviorally diverse as dogs

The ‘Jane Goodall of giraffes’ lived most of her life in relative obscurity. At 86, Anne Innis Dagg is getting her moment in the spotlight.

‘The Woman Who Loves Giraffes’ documents Innis Dagg’s lifelong work

As Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas, one woman opened her home to 97 dogs

Chella Phillips runs a refuge for homeless and abandoned dogs

I signed up for the extra money, but cat-sitting came with unexpected benefits

House-sitting and cat-sitting have been healing

Why we need to stop using gendered language when it comes to science

When scientists are imprecise about sex and gender, they may provide a supposedly scientific justification for sexist and homophobic norms and policies

This woman was arrested for dumping 7 puppies in the trash in Coachella, authorities say

The puppies survived thanks to a passerby who found them just in time

Zoos are often vilified, but they also act as important hubs of education and conservation

They don’t just inspire us to love animals; they help protect them

A woman rescued and treated displaced pets during Hurricane Florence. Authorities arrested her for it.

Tammie Hedges is accused of practicing veterinary medicine without a license

These newlyweds lost their legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. To heal, they wrote a children’s book.

It features their dog, Rescue