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Ask Dr. Andrea: I always say I want to make big life changes. How can I follow through?

Every new year, I say I’ll change. I wonder if I’m fooling myself.

Ask Dr. Andrea: My in-laws have stolen Christmas. How can I reclaim it for my kids?

I always envisioned starting new traditions with the family I created

Ask Sahaj: I feel stifled by my immigrant family. How can I reclaim independence?

I love my parents and grandparents, but they often have something negative to say about the choices I make

Ask Dr. Andrea: I compulsively lie when telling stories. How can I stop?

I don’t know why I tell trivial lies, but my friends are starting not to trust me

Ask Dr. Andrea: I’m the only woman on my team. How can I stop being self-conscious about it?

I overcompensate and am always trying to fit in

Ask Sahaj: How can I break out of hustle culture?

Some days I get the balance right, but it feels like more a fluke than a thing in my control

Ask Dr. Andrea: I think I’m a good person, but I’m so jealous of others. What can I do?

I want to be someone who can be there for other people fully

Ask Sahaj: When should I tell the person I’m dating about my mental health struggles?

I know the right person will like me for me

Ask Dr. Andrea: How do I ask for equal time off from parenting?

It’s like we both have this parenthood job but his comes with way more vacation time

Ask Sahaj: I changed in the pandemic. What should I do if my friends don’t get it?

I don’t think my friends have changed, but I do wonder if my needs are different.