2020 election

All eyes are on the Kentucky Senate primary. Women there say voting has never felt so urgent.

‘You don’t hear me when I speak, you don’t hear me when I cry, but you’re going to hear me when I vote’

The DNC sent an email promoting 11 Democratic senators that ‘urgently’ need support. Not one was a woman.

It was a ‘mistake,’ the Democratic National Committee said in a statement

She’s on the front lines of the pandemic. And running for office.

Michelle Au could become the first Asian American woman to serve as a state senator in Georgia

The protests could change who Biden picks as VP. Will he choose a black woman?

‘We know black voters are going to make this election. And their level of enthusiasm matters.’

More women are running for House seats than ever. Even 2018.

Republican women are responsible for the gains

Some voters call for Biden to step aside after Tara Reade’s allegation. Could it actually happen?

Many praised his response. Others say it’s not enough.

First they got mad. Then they ran for office. Now they want others to do the same.

‘As a community, we need to support and surround other women’

It’s an ‘agonizing’ choice: Women grapple with the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden

Tara Reade alleges the former vice president sexually assaulted her in 1993

Biden says he will choose a female VP. Sanders wouldn’t commit.

Sunday’s debate introduced an important new piece of calculus to the 2020 election

Warren supporters say online trolls intensified when their candidate dropped out

‘People were brutal to me from every angle,’ one woman said