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How do you want to emulate your mother?

That’s the question we posed to ourselves and a few friends of The Lily.

There’s a negative connotation when people point out that you’re becoming more like your mother. So for this Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to take back that statement.

Here’s our tribute to the women who gave us life.

“My mother is the most resilient and patient person. I’m so anxious and always want to make decisions quickly, but I often lean on her to remind me to be patient and more thoughtful. I wish I inherited more of her composure.”

“Even though we’re far apart, my mom is literally always there for me. If I ever have a daughter, I hope I’m as empathetic and patient enough to listen to her on the phone as much as my mom listens to me.”

“My mom truly knows how to love someone. She is always thinking with compassion about her children, husband, family and puppy. I try to love as hard and as deep as she does. Plus, she is The Lily’s biggest supporter.”

A note about the photo: “She used to tell me I think about things in a strange way. I say, someone with a clown collection must be able to identify strange. I’m grateful she encourages my weird side.”

“My mother is one of the strongest humans I know. … [She] is charming, witty yet sharp-tongued when necessary, compassionate and extremely loyal. If I am lucky enough to become a fraction of the woman my mother is as I mature, then I’ll call that a success.”

“My mother is simultaneously forgiving and giving. For most people, those two things are impossible to pair.”

“I want to always be mischievous and look for the silliness in everyday life like my mother. I want to need little and find happiness in the small things, like she does.”

“My mom has zero fear. She’s also the most warm-hearted, generous person I know. I’m so thankful to have her as mine.”

“As I’ve gotten older, I have been able to appreciate how much of a rebel my mom is and how she has said ‘no’ to so many traditional paths in her life. She paved her own way as the first woman in her family to pursue higher education, to leave Thailand, to live in the United States and to not get married or have kids until she was ready. She has lived her life on her own terms and has balanced it all out with a spirit of quirkiness and humor.”

“My mother isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and does everything with grace, elegance and heart. My mother can paint, make clothes, cook and take care of the household. There’s nothing she can’t do.”

“I would like to be like my mom because she is an extremely caring person. She’s always taught us not to judge people and accept them how they are. She is always honest and compassionate, and those are qualities that I would like to emulate.”

“My mom was spunky, caring and hard-working. Every day when I run into conundrums, big and small, I think to myself, ‘What advice would mom have given me?’ ”

“My mom is one of the members of my family who always brings people together. I’m still learning from her after all these years.”

“I want to be like my mother because she’s all heart. She’s one of the most loving, giving and caring people I know. Her love and support, in no uncertain terms, has given me the courage to follow my dreams, and I want to be able to do that for others, too. She is my biggest fan, and I consider myself ridiculously blessed to have her in my corner.”

“My mom embraces change, and has never been afraid of those big, life-altering moments. She trusts that everything happens for a reason and acts bravely in each new phase of her life, one of her many traits I strive to emulate.”

“My mama is full of adventure. She always wants to travel and do things she’s never done before. She’s accepting and kind, and continues to thrive in every category of her life because she wants to. She’s everything I want to be when I grow up.”

“My mom instilled curiosity, creativity and enthusiasm in me at a very young age. She is endlessly encouraging and supportive and that, in turn, is a big reason why I discovered my passion for design at a very young age. I can only hope I continue to be curious, creative and enthusiastic as I get older.”

“I love that my mom is very confident and unbelievably strong. I admire her ability to stand against adversity. When she puts her mind to something, she makes it happen. Nothing can break her faith in God.”

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