Former first lady Barbara Bush, 92, is battling multiple ailments, including congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She will no longer seek medical intervention and instead “focus on comfort care” at home with her family, according to a statement published Sunday

On the “Today” show on Monday morning, her granddaughter, Jenna Bush Hager, spoke sweetly of her and gave an update on her condition. Her husband of 73 years, former president George H.W. Bush, remains by her side.

“The fact that they’re together in this, and he still says, ‘I love you, Barbie,’ every night is pretty remarkable,” she said.

“She’s the best grandma anybody could have ever had — or have,” said Hager, catching herself quickly, during a brief interview on the show.

“Just know,” Hager continued, “that the world is better because she’s in it.”

Hager also called her grandmother a “fighter,” which goes hand-in-hand with her being known as “the enforcer” in the Bush family. On her 90th birthday, the second woman in American history to be both the wife and mother of a president sat down with Hager, an NBC correspondent, to discuss the nickname.

“Well, because I enforce,” Bush said. “You do something bad, I point it out to you.” The former first lady added that she was the one who stood up for Hager when the young woman stuck her tongue out to reporters during the 2004 presidential campaign. When Hager joked that her grandmother had been wanting to do the same for years, the outspoken former first lady jokingly answered, “Every American has.”

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