Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) apparently isn’t afraid to take a jab at the Republican establishment in pursuit of her goals. On Tuesday, she launched a new political action committee to recruit Republican women to run for Congress.

Stefanik, who served for two years as the first female head of recruitment at the National Republican Congressional Committee, said her PAC will field female candidates in GOP primaries.

That runs counter to the practices of the NRCC, which does not get involved in contests among Republicans.

Her effort was borne partly out frustration. In her NRCC role, Stefanik recruited more than 100 women to run for Congress. But only one prevailed, with many failing to make it through GOP primaries.

In a story in Roll Call, Rep. Tom Emmer (Minn.), the newly elected NRCC chairman, said “if that’s what Elise wants to do, then that’s her call, her right.”

“But,” he added, “I think that’s a mistake.”

Stefanik fired back Tuesday on Twitter, sharing the Roll Call story and highlighting Emmer’s quote.

“NEWSFLASH,” she wrote. “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

Next year, House Republicans will have the lowest number of women in their ranks since 1994, while there will be a record number of female Democrats.

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