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Pursuing my passion is fulfilling, but also draining. Here’s why I prioritize my hobby, too.

Is it better to pursue your passion or to let it remain a hobby? Here’s how Aimee Pong talks about her hobby — ice skating.

I have panic disorder. Please stop using the term ‘panic attack’ to describe casual nervousness.

Certain sayings minimize the severity of what folks who live with mental illnesses go through. In this comic, Sage Coffey talks about their experience with panic attacks.

How taking care of my plants helps me take care of myself

There’s evidence that millennials are quickly taking over the houseplant market. There are many theories as to why — health benefits, child proxies — but comic artist Katie Wheeler think it’s as simple as caring for something and feeling satisfied to see it thrive. Here’s how plants help her take care of herself.

Someday, we’ll live in a world where women aren’t targets. Until then, I’ll keep asking my girlfriends to text me when they get home.

Comic artist Maggie Spear always ends a night out with her friends with the same six words: “Text me when you get home.” Check out the full piece on why here.

‘Cool black girl effect’ can happen anywhere. It may sound neat, but it’s actually a nightmare. Here’s why.

‘Cool black girl effect’ is the term Bianca Xunise uses to describe a type of microaggression that some black women experience. Read more about how she experiences this here.

When I came out as trans, I knew I needed a new name. But would I ever find one that felt right?

Your name needs to be something you can recognize and respond to — something you can feel, says Bea Hayward. Read about her journey to find a name that fit her.

I spent years wearing tight dresses to pass as straight. Here’s what it took for me to be okay with my identity.

It took Julia Bernhard a really long time to realize that her internalized homophobia was one of the reasons she felt so much pressure to dress in a high femme way. She felt safer when she could pass as straight. Read more about how she chooses to present herself now.

All my life, I’ve been teased for using pads instead of tampons. But it’s more common than you think.

Throughout her life, Christine Suggs has been teased by other women for using pads instead of tampons. But she’s since learned that using pads is fairly common for women. Alternative period products are gaining traction, but it’ll be a long and slow change. Read more about the stigma she has faced here.

Advice on what to give during holiday food drives, from someone who used to be on the receiving end

When Sage Coffey was in middle school and high school, their family needed food donations. Here is their advice for donating to food drives and how to really help people in need.

I used to think I needed a house and a big salary by age 30. Now that I’m about to leave my 20s behind, I have new goals.

In my late 20s, Elizabeth Beier felt mounting expectations — from herself and society to achieve certain things by age 30. As my 30th birthday came closer, she felt increasingly frantic. But now her goal for her 30s is to let go of what she is “supposed” to do in favor of what might truly make her happy. Read more about what she wants as she embarks on a new decade.

When my plants wither, it feels like a reflection of my own setbacks

Taking care of myself and my plants can be an uphill battle

Kate not Katie: Why I dropped the ‘i’ in my name

As I got older, my name started to feel like a too-small sweater

My parents’ divorce stopped me from being the kid I wanted to be. Here’s how I healed.

I realized every family has their own story, and this is mine