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Becoming parents was a reality check for my partner and me. We realized there were a lot of things that we hadn’t done yet with our life that were suddenly a lot more challenging with full-time jobs and full-time parenting.

While we obviously can’t put parenting aside for the moment, we have decided to slow down a bit in our careers, and that feels really scary.

But when we sat back to reevaluate what was really important to us, we found that eating cinnamon rolls in our pajamas together on Saturday mornings was kind of non-negotiable.

The Women’s March is almost here. These are the hard questions I must ask of the movement.

As a white woman, I can’t risk repeating the failures of our past

I craved being a mom. I wasn’t prepared to hate parenting.

I felt ashamed to tell anyone that I was feeling anything less than total, overwhelming love