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This year, my mom and I have had to trade hugs and kisses for social distancing. But with the holidays looming and pandemic fatigue setting in, it’s becoming more difficult to balance not wanting to disappoint those you love with trying to keep them safe.

Texas is in the spotlight. But transgender activists say their fight feels uniquely grueling and ‘lonely.’

More than 40 bills aimed at curbing trans rights have been filed in the past 10 months alone

Cara Delevingne is just the latest White celebrity to appropriate the important work of activists of color

From the Met Gala to #MeToo to the body positive movement, activists of color deserve to be recognized for their work

These women say they were sexually abused by Southern Baptist leaders. Now they’re forcing a reckoning.

An investigation of the church’s handling of allegations is moving forward. Women have been telling their stories for years.