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Do you have an ugly voice inside your head? Mine is especially ugly.

I’ve spent a lot of time examining how my inner voice came to be so sharp and unforgiving. It made me bitter to recall the negative outside voices that have littered my life. Luckily, my life has been filled with its share of kind voices, too.

Here’s why I miss the mindless, in-between moments of my pre-pandemic routine

I thought cutting out that time would make me more productive, but that hasn’t been true

My double mastectomy made me reevaluate: What do my breasts mean to me?

The decision had been weighing on me since I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene

I used to think there was one way to have a relationship. Then I discovered polyamory.

Practicing ethical non-monogamy isn’t just freeing; it’s true to who I am