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I didn’t know how much my life would completely change until I became a parent.

Before I had a baby, my day was spent working — illustrating and designing. As an illustrator, I spend a lot of time observing a subject before drawing.

Now, I spend most of my day caring for my 10-month-old baby. There’s lots of playtime and time observing her, which means watching her shove almost everything in her mouth.

The need to suck something is a constant.

I went to a party that was supposed to be socially distanced. It ended up testing my boundaries.

I kept thinking, ‘Am I okay with this?’

Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed the country we live in. Now is our chance to honor that work.

It’s time to turn our grief into fuel for change

Coronavirus helped me rekindle my relationship with running. But it’s complicated.

When I was younger, I loved to run but obsessed over my weight