Kim Kardashian unveiled her makeup line’s new concealer kits on the brand’s official Twitter account last week. The concealer comes in “16 shades,” the tweet read, adding they will be available on Friday.

Attached was a photo of a dark-skinned black woman with the 16 shades drawn down her arm, highlighting them.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to notice something odd about the photo: None of the 16 shades matched the skin-tone of the model. At best, one came close.

Users described the advertisement as an “epic fail,” “shortsighted, and understandably offensive,” and simply with a line of emoji laughing so hard, they’re crying.

“Using the model to advertise ‘diversity’ but the shades don’t match the model is trashhhh,” one user wrote, presumably adding the extra h’s for emphasis.

The criticism eventually grew so loud, it was curated into a Twitter moment over the weekend. As of early Monday morning, Kardashian has not responded to the backlash.

Other makeup brand launches

Fenty Beauty: When Rihanna launched her highly inclusive makeup brand in September, Fenty Beauty, it garnered a lot of praise. The line included 40 foundation shades.

When the line was available in stores, the Chicago Tribune reported a girl cried in Sephora when the Fenty Beauty foundation matched her skin. Since then, cosmetics consumers have vocally called out other brands for lack of inclusivity and praised brands that included more shades.

Tarte Cosmetics: This line was blasted on social media after it released promotional photos of their 15 shade “Shape Tape Foundation.” Tarte’s line included only three dark shades.

In an Instagram story — that disappeared after 24 hours — the company said, “We lost sight of what’s really important in this industry, & for those who feel alienated in our community, we want to personally apologize.”

IT Cosmetics: IT’s new Bye Bye Foundation line launched in February. The box of foundations severely lacked darker shades.

In a statement to Allure Magazine, IT Cosmetics said: “Bye Bye Foundation is the first-ever full-coverage moisturizer from IT Cosmetics. … Typically SPF moisturizers with physical-only sunscreens have only been possible in a few shades — and at IT Cosmetics we’ve spent the past 2 years creating 12 skin-tone-adapting shades for this moisturizer (3 Light, 3 Medium, 3 Tan, and 3 Rich). … Due to the physical-only SPF in the product, we’re not able to go darker than our deepest shade.”

Kylie Cosmetics: Kardashian’s own younger sister, Kylie Jenner, was praised in December when her brand Kylie Cosmetics announced a line with 30 shades of concealer. Harper’s Bazaar touted the shade range as “very impressive.”

Unlike Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, Tarte Cosmetics and IT Cosmetics, KKW can’t be found in stores. It can only be bought on Kardashian’s website.

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