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I’ve had many friends in my life, and each one of them has helped me grow and change for the better. Everyone is different and brings different things to the table when it comes to friendship. Sometimes friendships don’t work long term. It’s disappointing when friends grow apart and relationships fail, but I’ve learned to approach every person with an open heart and hope for the best.

During the summer, dappled sunlight transports me back in time. Here’s how.

Suddenly I’m 13 again, waiting for my mom to pick me up from swim practice

I say ‘I’m sorry’ way too much. I’m refusing to do so anymore — and I challenge other women to do the same.

Refusing to over-apologize doesn’t make women rude

I work as an art tutor for high schoolers. The way they choose to portray female bodies is deeply worrying.

It’s easy to help students with skills — but more difficult to change their perceptions of beauty