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I’ve had many friends in my life, and each one of them has helped me grow and change for the better. Everyone is different and brings different things to the table when it comes to friendship. Sometimes friendships don’t work long term. It’s disappointing when friends grow apart and relationships fail, but I’ve learned to approach every person with an open heart and hope for the best.

I’m fat. When thin people say they ‘need’ to lose weight, imagine how that makes me feel.

I know others don’t mean to offend me. But they do.

A stranger told her he had an ‘Asian fetish.’ Then things escalated.

Meg O’Shea’s story is one of many in ‘Drawing Power,’ a forthcoming collection of comics dealing with sexual violence and harassment

Navigating sobriety in my mid-20s hasn’t been easy. Here’s how I’ve managed to avoid alcohol for a year.

Concerts, comedy shows and industry nights always seem to be at bars