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The pandemic hit as my immediate group of friends and I prepared to turn 30. Some of us were making major life decisions, including parenthood.

As someone who doesn’t want kids and is in no position to have them, I watched via phone screen as my friend went through their pregnancy. They live thousands of miles away, and the pandemic left no option of safely visiting them. It was a surreal experience that brought up a lot of complicated feelings, all of which couldn’t possibly fit in a 10-panel comic.

But I wanted to consider how this situation, like many this past year, forced me to navigate uncertainty and allow hope to coexist with my fears.

I am my father’s retirement plan. It’s an honor that terrifies me.

Providing support for my dad is both a privilege and an obligation I do not take lightly

Hormonal birth control can be a struggle. Could this new gel be a ‘game changer’?

The gel protects against pregnancy for one hour and is applied right before intercourse