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After months of isolation, I wanted to reclaim a sense of normalcy. But on the rare occasions I’ve dipped my toes into “normal” life, I’ve found that familiar spaces now seem foreign, and my gauge of what is “safe” can no longer be trusted. I’ve wondered: Would it be too easy to slip back into old social patterns, or could I create new boundaries during this pandemic?

My double mastectomy made me reevaluate: What do my breasts mean to me?

The decision had been weighing on me since I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene

I used to think there was one way to have a relationship. Then I discovered polyamory.

Practicing ethical non-monogamy isn’t just freeing; it’s true to who I am

How I learned to embrace my Asian curls

I used to wonder why my hair didn’t look like other girls’. Now I welcome my natural texture.