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Getting my first dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine was equal parts exciting and anxiety-inducing. Since I am in a high-priority group, getting the vaccine felt urgent. Despite trusting the science behind mRNA vaccines, I still had anxiety about possible side effects and whether it would interact with my daily medications. Now, having the first shot and first-shot anxiety behind me, I can’t wait for my second.

Rachael Rollins could become the first Black woman to fill Massachusetts’s top federal prosecutor job

If she is confirmed as U.S. attorney, it would ‘open so many more doors,’ other women say

It’s the first Summer Olympics since #MeToo — and athletes are speaking out. Survivors say it’s ‘a reckoning.’

The Games are a unique moment of visibility for female athletes

Cheerleading could have a place at the Olympics. It’s ‘huge’ for a sport that’s long been stereotyped.

Last week, the IOC officially recognized cheerleading as a sport, opening up a pathway for its Olympic debut