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Growing up, I was bombarded with messages about how women’s personalities are our downfall — that we are inherently catty, dramatic, meek, jealous, superficial and overemotional. We’re told that women need to embrace physical femininity in order to make up for everything else: Look like a woman, but don’t act like one.

Boys talk about how much they dislike girls, then girls talk about how much they dislike girls. I feel sad about all the potential friendships that never were, simply because we were too caught up in judgments to give other girls a chance. I’ve probably done that a lot. I’m sorry.

Over the past several years, I’ve undone a lot of the damage of internalized misogyny, from judging others to judging myself. I’m pleased as punch with where I am right now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I surround myself with so many inspiring women who, despite our differences, lift and support each other to the fullest extent.

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